2007 Wilmer T. Rabe Invitational Stoneskipping Tournament

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Scenes from the press and awards banquet, held the evening before the tournament. This year's banquet was held at the Mackinac Yacht Club. Highlights: Eric "The Voice" Steiner accepts the temporary position of High Commissioner, Mike Henderson of the Pennsylvania Oilies presents Acting Commish with the shameless bribe, Doc Crane give an impassioned patriotic speech, stoneskipping.com webmaster Mike Piskie canoodles with Kim from the Oilies.

The day of the tournament: Amateurs warm up for the competition, Doc Crane displays the Little David Trophy, Judge Ransom performs the opening ceremony, new t-shirts are proudly displayed and promptly signed by the celebrities.

The amateurs compete; a new star is born as Drake "The Duck" Lewandoski takes out 3-time defending champ Adam "The Hammer" Eyman in the youth division.

"The Voice" gathers comments from both spectators and contestants.

Some of the many faces that characterize stoneskipping: Judge Ransom, Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner, Senator Peter Noonan, and Todd "Mussels" Calewaert.

Some of the many lovely ladies of stoneskipping.

"Hard Luck" Loy plays the crowd, to the amusement of the lovely Mrs.

The pros duke it out; ultimately there is one man left standing: Franklin, PA's Russ "Rock Bottom" Byars, with his record-setting 33 skips.